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03/05/13 - In this segment, Shaun talks about a few social networks that can help enhance your Walt Disney World experience. 

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03/05/13 - In this segment, Teresa and Kathy continue their 101 segments by visiting Downtown Disney. In this first installment, they discuss everything there is to know about Marketplace.

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02/26/13 - In this week's show, Joffrey's coffee is officially coming to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando drops healthcare for part-time employees, and the White Rabbit has an altercation with guests.

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02/26/13 - In this segment, John and Kevin give us their review of the Swan & Dolphin's Il Mulino and talk with the head chef there.

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02/26/13 - In this segment, the team answer your emails and voicemails!

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02/19/13 - In this week’s show, we discuss Disney’s recent settlement of a visual impairment lawsuit,  Comcast’s purchase of NBC Universal, and a rumor involving Downtown Disney.

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02/19/13 - In this segment, Teresa and Kathy also discuss Epcot’s newly opened Habit Heroes and ways to be healthy.

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02/19/13 - In this segment, we take your calls and hear about your ‘must-dos’ at Walt Disney World.

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02/12/13 - In this week’s show, the new 2014 Disney Cruise Line itineraries are released and brand new Star Wars spin-offs are planned. Also, we hear all about Teresa's favorite bands. 

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02/12/13 - The DIS Unplugged team has a discussion about what we know about the new Fastpass+ system and Disney's new MyMagic+.

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