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03/26/13 - In this week’s show, Reedy Creek pays for new Disney parking garages, Universal Orlando uses taxpayer dollars to build a new bridge, and rumors of Disney’s Hollywood Studios expansion ignite fans. We are also joined by the Jason Garcia from the Orlando Sentinel to discuss these news stories.

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03/26/13 - In this segment, Dustin and special correspondent Holly Forde discuss the little details you may have missed in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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03/26/13 - In this segment, Pete, Corey, Shaun, Dustin and Craig are joined by tech guru Mike Holland to talk all things technology for traveling. 

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03/19/13 - In this week's show, Disney considers buying out News Corp.'s stake in Hulu, a new age regulation is imposed on Disney parks, and new official plans for Downtown Disney are discussed.

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03/19/13 - In this segment, John, Kevin, Shaun, and special correspondent William Rubenstein discuss their recent meal at Liberty Tree Tavern.

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03/19/13 - In this segment, Shaun and special correspondent William Rubenstein discuss tips and discounts for military vacations to Walt Disney World.

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03/12/13 - In this week’s show, TSA now allows passengers to bring small knives on board airplanes, Orlando International Airport is voted #1 ‘hook-up’ airport, and concept art for the new Disney Springs overhaul of Downtown Disney is released.

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03/12/13 - In this segment, the team discusses their thoughts on this year’s Flower & Garden Festival in Epcot – and the new food additions available this year.

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03/11/13 - In this our newest ladies only show, Julie Martin, Teresa Echols, Kathy Werling, and Leah Zanolla discuss traveling as a solo woman and what tips you should keep in mind when doing so. They also talk about places around the world where women are not allowed.

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03/05/13 - In this week's show, Universal Orlando backtracks on its Harry Potter expansion originally opening in 2014, Reedy Creek firefighters seek state help in battle with Disney, and has a prank by Canadian school teachers involving a class trip to Walt Disney World gone too far?

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03/05/13 - In this segment, Shaun talks about a few social networks that can help enhance your Walt Disney World experience. 

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03/05/13 - In this segment, Teresa and Kathy continue their 101 segments by visiting Downtown Disney. In this first installment, they discuss everything there is to know about Marketplace.

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