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11/21/12 - In this episode Pete and Dustin take calls from listeners asking about their favorite things to do for the holidays at Walt Disney World.

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11/14/12 - In this weeks show the team discusses the new Celebrate the Magic! Castle Projection Show and Pete questions the decision to change the Main Street Bakery into Starbucks.

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11/14/12 - In this episode the team discusses the 2012 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

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11/14/12 - In this Episode Kathy and Teresa tell us all about Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom.

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11/07/12 - In this weeks show a pregnant woman is evacuated from Disney Cruise Line, a 74 year old man tries to lie his way into the theme parks, and a lawsuit against Rainforest Cafe claims they're serving rats.

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11/07/12 - In this episode Kevin Klose discusses the Top 5 Best Breakfasts at Walt Disney World and gives us his pick for absolute best.

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11/07/12 - In this episode Pete and Dustin along with a few special guests give us their review of Disney's Boardwalk Resort.

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10/31/12 - In this weeks show the team discusses Hurricane Sandy affecting Disney Cruise Line, WDW adding new jobs to Central Florida, and Orlando International Airport ranking 11th in TSA theft.

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10/31/12 - In this segment, the team is joined by special correspondant Rhaj Kokumal to discuss the various snack options across Walt Disney World.

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10/31/12 - In this episode, special correspondent Thommy Sandvick and the team discusses rumors including Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm.

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